Thursday, August 25, 2011

alison's surprise bridal shower

my dear friend alison is getting married next month to a man who is just perfect for her. this summer was hectic for both of us so she didn't seem surprised when i asked her if she wanted a bridal shower with her school friends two weeks ago. with tests every other week and med school on our minds 24/7 i could tell she was getting worried that i wouldn't be able to plan the shower in time. little did she know that i had been planning a secret surprise shower since may. i spent the summer crocheting, sewing, crafting, shopping and planning for what i hoped would be a bridal shower she would never forget. in the end, i think it turned out really well (some of the girls in attendance called it the best bridal shower they had ever been to, might i add) and it was so rewarding to see the looks of surprise and happiness on her face. i have only known alison for a little over a year now but i can tell that she will be in my life for a very long time. ♥

L to R: crochet bunting in progress, white yarn ampersand, pink pinwheel, pink and white pinwheels + trying out bunting options

L to R: glass bottles from crate & barrel, a gift for the future mrs. tran, pink and white ribbon, flower and scarf, packing up for the party

This is where Alison lost her beaded necklace. Each guest got a necklace with a pink or white pony bead and we played the game where if you said certain words, you had to give your necklace away to the person that caught you. I thought this would be really cute with necklaces instead of clothespins. 
Taboo words for the night were "wedding", "marriage", "engagement", and "Steve".

We also played a game where Alison left the room for five minutes and guests wrote down everything she was wearing. 
This was fun - we heard all sorts of answers!

One of my favorite bridal shower games: making a wedding dress out of toilet paper! Can you guess which team won?

Alison's fiance Steve knew I was planning to throw her the surprise shower so he answered some questions for me for the next game. 
For each question Alison got wrong, she had to put a (pink or white) marshmallow in her mouth. 
There were 20 questions. She had about 15 marshmallows in her mouth. You do the math ;)

The shower was so much fun and came together with the help of all the lovely girls in our class. I'll leave you with some pretty pictures of Alison.

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  1. Alice,
    My precious princess. I love these pictures and job well done. Love you. Mom